Thursday, June 25, 2009

old fashioned chore

I can't even begin to describe how happy I am in this rental house. The pressure of the house on the market is off. The kids can go outside without fear of being killed by a golf ball. There are wonderful ammenities in this neighborhood, such as a pool, sidewalks, playgrounds, and a pond. The best feature so far, though, are the neighborhood kids. Unlike where we moved from, they actually go outside and play and visit unannounced and stay for dinner. Just like the way I grew up. I wanted that life for my kids, and was so surprised that it was exactly opposite of that in our last neighborhood. The kid across the street has quickly become my boy's favorite friend. In this picture, he and S are learning to snap the ends of the beans off for dinner. They had no idea they were doing an old fashioned chore. They thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. Or they would have, if they knew that bread didn't come out of the oven pre-sliced. The "cherry on top" of this chore was that they found an actual worm among the beans. Because the beans were from the farmer's market and actually, gasp, grew in a garden. Not in a can. Sweet boys didn't even know they were learning a lesson.
At dinner, they proudly ate the beans THEY made, and we all decided they tasted like candy. Only better.

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christensen crew said...

So glad that your rental is such a happy experience! Sounds like the perfect neighborhood, your boys will love it. I feel like the old fashioned chore for dinner! Yum.

Oh btw....the camera I use is a Nikon...I think 750 or something....they are always upgrading them, mine is three years they are even better!