Friday, February 29, 2008


I don't know what I would do without my mom and girlfriends. This week, my mom has helped every day with my kids while I've been trying to do very little activity to keep the baby in. And my girlfriends call every day and offer to help. Today I have a showing at 3pm. My mom is here right now cleaning, and I've never paid a house cleaner who's been as thorough. My two best girlfriends called within 10 minutes of each other offering to keep the kids during the showing. It makes me almost tearful. I think I have a personality flaw of not accepting help well. My mom said today that this has been nice for her because she usually doesn't even bother to try to help me. I hope I'm not a control freak. I'm starting to wonder. When is the last time I've called a friend and offered to keep her kids?

I am so close to being able to stop worring about when I have the baby. I have been wanting this day to pass for 8 long months! I really put myself in a bad position by getting pregnant when I did and only allowing myself the four day window for my insurance. At midnight tonight I will be homefree!!! Then I'm gonna be stressed trying to get the baby OUT!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

33 hours till I'm safe!

I feel like I may make it! I'm still being very careful not to "over do" it, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! This time tomorrow, I will almost feel home free. It will be hilarious if I end up delivering the baby really late after being so worried that I'd go too early. I went to the doctor today, and the baby's heartbeat was good. He's still moving around, though that's decreased a lot. I declined an exam so she wouldn't get anything stimulated in there. I haven't done my massages this week, I haven't been on my walks, and I didn't go to yoga. I should have, though, because the last two girls to reach term in my yoga class have gone two weeks late! I guess it's all the pelvic strenghtening, who knows? My 4.5 year old has been really sweet to let me nap when he's been home, and he's trying to be helpful around the house and with his little brother.

I've been glad not to have a showing with the house this week, but my agent called today while I was napping. Another agent wants to show the house tomorrow at 3pm. I think that will be okay. My mom is coming later to clean a little, and I know she will come tomorrow morning too. She's really been helpful this week. I will be so glad Saturday when I can get back to my normal life. If I ever had to go on real bed rest, I would be in trouble.

So, today I'm optimistic. Knock on wood...

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hanging in there...

I haven't been very good at posting lately. I'm doing everything I can to keep this baby in until Saturday so my insurance will help us pay for it. I really am pretty much moving as little as possible this whole week, and my mom is helping a ton with the kids.

We had a tornado here yesterday morning around 6 am. We didn't suffer much damage at all, but my cousin's house was destroyed. School was canceled, so it was a long and boring day for the kids. I think I was mostly just cranky because I didn't get my coffee until about 9:30! I think we need a generator in the new house so we will never have to be without coffee again. I mean, there is only so much we can give up!

That's pretty much it for now, but I will post when we have any news.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Still here..

I have a semi-quiet moment because I put on a video for the kids and fed them a snack. I haven't updated in awhile because there isn't anything going on. I made it through the weekend, which was a real challenge. Guy was in a seminar for three long days, and CooCoo had no school for 4 days. Plus, I had a terrible cold. It was rough! My mom helped a lot, and that's the only reason I survived!

I feel better now, and the pregnancy is still going fine. I only have to make it 8 more days, so I'm keeping my fingers (and my legs) crossed. He still moves around quite a bit. I did manage to finally get his clothes out of the attic, washed and put away. Poor thing doesn't have a room or closet, so I built a dresser from Home Depot to hold his things until we can sell our house. I got packed for the hospital yesterday, so my "to do" list is finally done.

As for the house, we haven't had a showing since last Friday. The man who liked it was out of town until this past Tuesday, but my agent still hasn't heard back from his. So, either he's just not in a hurry or he isn't that serious about the house afterall. We'll have a big Agent's Tour next Tuesday as long as nothing unexpected happens with the pregnancy before then.

So, I guess things are pretty dull around here right now. Just waiting and waiting, and I don't know when either of the things I'm anticipating will happen. It's not fun anticipating two major events at one time! I wish I had the patience and good nature of my husband. Actually, I just wish I had my husband around more right now because I'm tending to feel lonely. Everyday I'm just holding on until he gets home at 5:30. Only one hour and 15 minutes left today!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Disappointing, Lonely Valentines

Today has been very disappointing. The man who "liked my house the best" was supposed to bring his wife today. My agent called his yesterday to confirm, and she never heard back from her. So I don't know if it is postponed or just not happening. On the bright side, I do have a showing tomorrow at 3pm. Also, my husband is attending a seminar about an hour away today, tomorrow and Saturday, so he won't be home until 8pm or so each night. At least he is able to come home, I guess. But the kids may not see him at all. They go to bed at 7:30pm.

I have been so tired today too. I feel like I'm fighting a chest cold so I really hope it is that and not a sign of impending labor! I really need to make it two more weeks so my maternity insurance will kick in. So, I wandered around the house today tired, cranky and lonely. I thought I was supposed to drive to Atlanta tonight and meet my hubby for dinner (which we have NEVER done since we had kids), but even that fell through. Luckily, I talked my mom into going out with me and the kids for Valentine's dinner. She rarely will leave at night, so that was a nice treat. Although, CooCoo was in a mood and was pretty annoying. I think I've pretty much just been annoyed all day.

Wow, I'm a real downer tonight, huh?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

House update

It's been a busy week! I'll start with today... Our agent held an open house today for the agents in her company. Only about five came, but they were the ones she wanted to come, she said. All the big dogs, I guess. The big Agent's tour for all the area agents is in two more weeks. Then today at 4:30pm, a photographer came by to do a virtual tour. So, I've had to have the house spotless today.

Sunday we ended up showing the house two times. That was very exciting, so I didn't mind all the cleaning I had to do. I do think I'm gonna go into early labor if I keep this heavy cleaning up all the time, though. The first couple may or may not be getting a job here, so I'm not counting on them. But the second showing was very encouraging. It was only the husband, but he liked it "best" of the other houses he's seen. He wants to come later this week, maybe Thursday, and bring the wife. Hopefully they have the same taste in houses, and I can go into labor knowing this phase is over! Friday we have another showing at 3pm with one of the agents that was here today.

So, I'm finally getting some action. It is a lot of work, but I'm so thankful for it. I am so happy that I hired an agent, and I think I chose well. Now, let's just get this place sold before I have a newborn to work around!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Pre-Kindergarden Valentine Social

CooCoo being cute

CooCoo and Current Girlfriend

This morning was my 4 1/2 year old's Valentine Social. They had several scheduled activities like cookies, playdough, art, and a dance. I took my 2 year old to an extra day at Mother's Morning Out so I could go. It was fun. I did see his girlfriend hanging all over another man, so I'm wondering if there is a little problem there. Luckily, CooCoo didn't seem to notice!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

36 weeks and counting!

My scale stopped working this week. I don't think I'm gonna get a new battery for it for a month or so!

My husband keeps saying I'm not gonna make it. I have four weeks left, but really your "due date" has a two week give or take. My goal is to make it to March 1st. I'm due March 4th. The kicker is that I applied for maternity coverage, and you have to wait a year to give birth from the time of application. So, I had my month set to start trying to conceive. Of course, I got pregnant the month before I was supposed to. So, that gave me a 4 day window. Because we are self employed, though, our deductable is so high that it only makes about a $3,000 or $4,000 difference in the bill if we end up having to pay cash. That is, as long as the prices haven't increased very much since CooCoo was born 5 years ago, and as long as I avoid touching anything that belongs to the hospital. That's just for the cost of using their room for 24 hours. Nice, huh?

So, be sending us "keep that baby in" vibes for about 4 more weeks!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Repeat Showing?

Our agent called another agent who had shown one of her other listings to tell her about my house, and the agent scheduled to bring her clients on Wednesday. This is why my agent has such a great reputation, she makes an effort to get your house shown. Her references says she is always out there working for you and she gives you feedback after each showing.

That is the good news. Here's the weird part.. I had a feeling it was the same couple who viewed my home on Thursday when it was still "by owner". So, I told my agent to check because they may not want to see it again, and frankly I didn't want to clean it for nothing. Well, I was right. But their agent wanted to show it to them again anyway. If you remember, mine was the first house they had looked at in this town. Since then, they have been viewing houses with their agent, and she said they had "mentioned" my house to her. I don't know what that means. And she said she wanted to see it anyway. So, I have to do all that work getting it clean and stay out of the house for two hours. Two hours that include nap time for myself and my two year old. It'd better be worth it! If she pulls up in the driveway and they say, "Oh, we don't want to see that house again," I'll die!

Also exciting is that my agent has scheduled an Agent's Tour for next Tuesday. That and a listing in the MLS are the two main tools I didn't have access to while I was "by owner". I'm so optimistic that the exposure will help us.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

My interview of Michelle...

At this website there is an experiment where people signed up to interview others that they had not previously met. I loved the idea and signed up. So, I got to interview Michelle from I enjoyed getting to know her and her site. Here is our interview... Her answers are in italics.

1. From your use of the word "mum," are you from England? Where do you live now?

Nope, not from England - from jolly old Canada. We
say 'mum' here so I started writing it because 'mom'
just looks too jarring to me. It doesn't match what I
hear in my head when I'm writing. And well,
rebelliously I suppose, I like drawing the distinction
between Canadian idioms and those of our cousins to
the south who do say 'mom'.

Right now I live in Kelowna, British Columbia, but
originally I'm from Ontario.

2. Who takes all those great pictures of you that are on your blog? I love them. I still get uncomfortable in front of the camera. Your pictures seem to help your readers see the emotions behind your thoughts.

I take all the pictures on my blog, including my own.
I started doing self portraits about a year before I
started this blog and I guess I got kind of addicted.
At first I was really self conscious about it and felt
a little embarrassed, but I couldn't stop taking them.
I've found a lot of inspiration from the Flickr group
"365 Days". I like the idea of documenting without
words. And taking selfies has made me more brave. At
first I would try to find the most attractive picture
of myself and only show those ones. But then I felt
kind of guilty about that because really, it's pretty
one dimensional. So I started to push myself a
little. Also, more recently, all my self portraits
are taken with 'Photo Booth' on my MacBook. I don't
edit them at all. They're a bit more spontaneous, but
like you said, sort of capture what I'm feeling. I
often do take them as I'm writing a post, so there's a
nice correlation there. I'm still uncomfortable when
someone else is taking my picture though.

3. You mentioned in a blog that you need to change the bumper sticker you wear. That's a great description of how we sometimes view ourselves. What do you want to change yours to?

Hmmm, that's a good question! I'm working on that
one. I think I'm still a little raw from having just
realized that I was wearing a bumper sticker that
someone else put on me. And a little remorseful that
it stayed put for so long, defined me so completely
and went virtually undetected for so many years. I
was in fourth grade then and I'm turning 37 this month
so I'm okay with it taking a while for my poor
'bumper' to heal up a bit before I slap a new sticker
on there. I have a feeling though that it's not
going to take too long and that God will be the one
giving me this new definition of self instead of a
bunch of bratty fourth graders.

4. I know you just moved to a new site. I had a really hard time
navigating it, and I know that has been a challenge for you. How are you
dealing with all the work involved in establishing the new blog?

My new site is really picture heavy which seems to be
a problem for some readers (hi Mum!) so the challenge
has been to figure out what to do about that without
losing the new feature that I'm loving so much. At my
old Blogger site I posted pictures really
sporadically, but with this new one I've gotten in the
habit of using a new picture for each post which has
pushed me to keep at my photography. I'm really such
an amateur at it, but I like the challenge of it and
the overall affect on my website. And really, I think
the majority of my frustration comes from the fact
that I'm no computer wizard. Half the time if I
figure out how to do something it's totally dumb-luck.
Getting this site up and running took me way more
time than I anticipated and it's not even done! I've
never bothered to link all my blogroll on my 'about'
page. Plus if I spend a whole day working on my
website (which does happen) I feel guilty that I
haven't done my other job, the mummy one. It's hard
to feel like I can justify working so much on
something that doesn't earn me fame or fortune. I'm
still working on finding a balance between my family
obligations and my creative endeavours, my internal
expectations and the external pressures we all feel to
be some sort of 'supermom'.

Woo, way to take that question way off on a tangent!

5. I related to your post about liking Mondays. What, in a nutshell, is your typical weekday morning routine?

Well, I'm sure it's all that much of a 'routine'.
Coffee is always involved, to be sure, but really we
sort of hang out a lot and don't have much to show for
it at the end of the day sometimes. Lately I've been
trying to spend part of the day schooling my older
son, part of the day doing household chores and part
of the day focused on creating in my studio. That
being said, one of my downfalls as a SAHM is that I
don't thrive on the sort of solitude that comes from
being home with children. It feels more like
isolation most of the time. For some reason though,
I usually get a lot accomplished on Mondays. Laundry
gets caught up, the kitchen gets cleaned, the floors
swept. I always wish that everyday could be as
productive as Mondays, but I haven't been able to
translate that into reality.

6. The picture of the Monkey Cake made me wonder if you make your children's birthday cakes. Do you? If so, could you explain what made you decide to do it and share some of your favorites?

I did make that Monkey Cake. I like making stuff -
cakes included. I fell in love with this cake (it's a
Martha Stewart Kids cake, by the way) and made it for
my son Finn's 3rd birthday. He loved it! And he's
such a monkey that it just seemed fitting. I haven't
made to many other spectacular cakes, although last
year I made Rice Crispie Treat cupcakes and decorated
them with icing and candies. They were a big hit.

7. You have 2 boys, as do I (I'm soon to have 3!). How do you deal with the destruction that comes with two boys?

OH, you are a brave woman! I stopped at two boys
because I wasn't sure that I could handle a third -
boys run in the family! The destruction does make me
weary sometimes. I try really hard to remember that
life is short and that this stage is not a life
sentence. Someday they will grow up and move on (and
hopefully OUT) and I will have a house that stays
clean and intact for longer periods of time. Still I
totally lose it and freak out on them from time to
time which seems make them stop and think for about 3
seconds. I guess I just try to have some perspective
about it and remind myself that a) it's normal for
boys to be like this and b) THIS TOO SHALL PASS!

8. How do you deal with the boys fighting?

Ugh. This drives me crazy! We talk a lot about
showing kindness to each other and respecting one
another but in the end, as my husband says, this IS
what boys do, so it's sort of a fact of life. The
other day Ethan punched Finn in the nose because Finn
was trying to get him to come participate in something
that he wasn't interested in and I have to say, at
least THIS I get. You know? Boys duking it out?
It's the mean stuff they say to each other that bugs
me so much more. Separating their bedrooms has helped
- Ethan moved into a new room in the newly renovated
part of our house this past summer - so at least now I
can send them to their rooms. It's not much, but it

9. What are your children's sleeping arrangements? I tried to get my boys
in the same room to prepare for the new baby, and my oldest said "this is
not working." Do you have any suggestions?

The boys shared a room from the time that we moved
into this house 5 years ago until this past summer.
For the first few years it wasn't much of a problem
because Finn was a baby and would sleep so soundly
that it didn't disrupt Ethan's routines (of which
there are many because of his Sensory Processing
Disorder). But as Finn got bigger we had to change
things a bit. The last year and a half of them
sharing a room we would put Finn to bed and then put
Ethan in our bed to read for a while until Finn fell
asleep. It worked out, but it wasn't perfect. I
think one of the hardest thing about having two
completely opposite boys is to have them share a room.
Still we made it work for 5 years. I kind of always
thought, before I had kids, that you figured out your
parenting style and what worked and then just stuck
too it, but now I realize that parenting is a constant
battle to stay one step ahead of the game, and the
rules are always changing.

10. Finally, what should we know about you that I didn't ask?

Ha! That I'm slightly neurotic (see February 1st
post) and probably a little too self analyzing. That
I value honestly and the true beauty that it reveals.
That I am blessed to have a truly amazing partner in
life who has stuck close by me for 16 years. That
anything in life that is truly worth having requires
work and I've learned that one hands on.

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Well, there it is. My agent's sign.

I feel a big weight lifted off my shoulders. I only signed a three month contract, so it doesn't seem like a big deal to me, really. She is really a shark, and she is our neighborhood specialist. She gets all the big out of town clients. She's aggressive but still really nice. She'll hold an agent's open house in two weeks, and that's a tremendous tool I could never utilize. So, I think it's worth it. Sure it's a lot of money (like $30,000), but she's a professional. It would be worth it considering I wasn't able to sell without her. Of course, the real test is yet to come. I'm so optimistic I'll have more traffic, but my friend listed with a different agent last summer and has only had 4 couples through her house. Still, I feel great and excited!

Guy, on the other hand, is a different story. The man can't stand to hire anyone to do anything for us. We sold our last home by owner. We do our own lawn work, I paint, he does home upkeep, and we are both self employed. We even give birth by ourselves, for the most part. We use the hospital room, but he and I do all the work. No drugs, and he does everything it takes to help me. Except catch the baby, anyway. When we pulled into the driveway last night, he covered his eyes so he wouldn't see that "hideous sign." Mostly, it's just his very dry sense of humor, but I know there is some truth to it. He said I quit on him. I told him he was right!! I do feel like, deep down, he is curious if this will help us too.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Not Sold...

So, I just heard from my showing. While here, and to my face, they LOVED it. They have 4 kids, and she did mention not wanting to be on a golf course. Ultimately, they decided it was too close to the golf course. It is also the first house they've looked at since moving to town, so they need to look for awhile. I understand and agree with all those points. In fact, we are leaving mostly because we want off the golf course. Oh well. I guess I'll call my agent and get the papers signed. I'm ready for someone else to do the work now.