Friday, March 6, 2009

who turns down free banana bread?

Got the house clean and had the showing. I made the banana bread for tomorrow's party and left it on the cooling rack with a knife and a note saying, "please help yourself. There's fresh coffee." I was offended when I got home and they had neither had banana bread or coffee. Don't they appreciate southern hospitality? Oh well, it's their loss because I make kick ass banana bread.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Gearing up for a busy day...

I don't know how I'm gonna get through tomorrow. My cleaning lady is coming to help in the morning, thank god. We have a showing at 1:30. I'll pick up S at 2:20 then go to an appointment at 4:30. Sometime in the middle of all that, aside from taking care of the kids, I have to bake 2 loaves of banana bread, make two birthday cakes, and make quiche for the Saturday am party for Tiki. Then, we have two more birthday parties to go to Saturday. Over commit much? This is why it SUCKS having your house on the market with three kids at home for TWO YEARS. Don't know how much longer I can do this. Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled we have a showing.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to con my husband out of enough money to buy real art for the office. I don't know why, since we have very little real art in our house. But my friend, who's an amazing artist, is sort of clearancing some gorgeous stuff, and I want it ALL. I'll post pictures if I get any. Yes, I know, I have many pictures to post.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Catch up

I've missed posting on several events lately. When I'm feeling low, I just can't bring myself to write. I tend to just run around aimlessly or drink red wine instead. Let's see if I can catch up...

February was a hard month for me, so I'm gonna skip it for now. SKIP...

March 2nd, however, was my baby Tiki's birthday. Somehow, he's already one. Poor kid almost got overlooked because we've been so busy, but we did manage to make him yummy tacos for dinner. His party is Saturday, so I'll try to post more on that later.

Last night, S pulled out his second tooth by himself! I couldn't pull it; it just grosses me out. My hubby couldn't do it either. Finally, the poor kid took matters into his own hands and popped it out. I would NEVER have done that as a kid, but thank goodness he may be a little more independent than I was. He was proud, and very excited the tooth fairy came last night.

The biggest news, though, is that we moved into the office over the weekend. They opened for business yesterday. Things aren't really completed, but it's workable. They are so happy. It looks great, and the space is gonna work nicely. I'm trying to get some art from my friend the photographer and my friend the painter, so I'll post pics when all is settled. My tile job has drawn tons of compliments, so that's exciting. Just furnishing it and bring in the essentials (trash cans, coffee mugs, etc) is keeping me so busy and driving the kids crazy. Thanks to my dear friend, I bought Orla Kiely mugs, plates and bowls. They're adorable. We are quickly going broke, though, due to all the unexpected expenses, so my husbands about to cut me off. I can feel it coming.

Gotta run for school pickup, but I'll try to post pictures soon.