Saturday, March 8, 2008


I love having a newborn baby! There is just no other thrill in the world like it. The love is so intense, you can touch it. And it isn't just me. The boys love the new baby so much right now. He is the first thing they ask for every morning and if they have been away. He is so sweet. He nurses like a pro and he's sleeping well. Well, he sleeps all the time still, so that helps make it easy. I think there is a reason they so gradually become more awake and alert. It's so weird how long it takes before you and the baby figure out you are no longer in the same body. I call it "phantom pregnancy." You just forget you aren't pregnant. And my oldest forgets too.
My favorite thing is sleeping at night with his little body curled into mine. I will never grow tired of this. Which probably scares my husband to death!

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Coffee Lover said...

What an awesome photo. I can't wait until we have a baby and I get to experience all of those wonderful moments as well.