Thursday, March 20, 2008

mini update

I've been so obsessed with this baby that I haven't made time to read or write any blogs! I'm so behind. He is so sweet and soft and adorable. We all just love to put our face on his sweet skin. Life is getting back to normal, though. I started back walking with a friend on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I'm planning to resume my two massages a week on Monday. I like to be in a routine, so it's good to settle back in.

Poor baby Gray had to have his circumcision Tuesday, but he's been amazing about it. Besides crying immediately after, he's acted like he hasn't really noticed. We've shown the house several times since his birth, but no offers! It really isn't fun trying to prepare the house for a showing with all these little people around. Thank goodness my mother lives near. She has been very helpful!

Well, I hear him crying, so this will have to be it for now.


Saram said...

Just read your post and wanted to say good choice circumcising. From what I've heard if boys aren't done at birth its pretty common for them to need to be circumcised later in life. My brother needed to be circumcised later in life and I didn't want to risk putting my sons through that. Plus, I have yet to meet a single man that wasn't happy to be circumcised, but a lot of uncircumcised guys seem to wish they had been snipped.

I would like to personally invite you, there is a great group for women who believe in circumcision and I know we would love to have you as a member:

Happy Easter!


Coffee Lover said...

I bet you've been super busy! You sure do have a lot going on. I know you are certainly enjoying that new baby and he is beautiful. I love the name too.

Leah said...

Mmm....I hear ya on being super busy. I'm reading and checking up on you....but am barely posting myself. I don't have internet at home still. GAH!