Wednesday, April 23, 2008

First Busted Head

It was bound to happen eventually. This is the first time I wondered if one of the kids would need stitches. When I picked CooCoo up from school, he was crawling to the back of the van where his seat is. He somehow fell back and hit his head on the floor. I think he hit one of the metal bars in the floor. Anyway, he cried, but he didn't act like it was THAT big of a deal. I pulled over and was shocked to see that it was bleeding down his shirt! He insists it doesn't hurt much, and the bleeding has stopped. Mostly, heads just bleed a lot. But I'm still interested to see what Guy will do about it when he gets home. It's not exactly a good spot for a band-aid, and I'm afraid of infection. That makes me think... we really need to keep some of that wound glue stuff around for times like these. I have a feeling this is just the first of many.


Coffee Lover said...

Oh no!!! Wow, he did get it pretty good. He's a tough boy! I sure hope it isn't sore as can be today (but I bet it is).

Johnna said...

It is okay today. I bet it is sore, though. My husband said it was more of a blunt trauma/ crushing injury, so it wasn't deep. Today it already looks scabbed over. Poor little guy!