Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm still here

This is the first picture I have of Gray smiling!

We are so busy around here! I had no idea how little computer time I'd have when I started taking care of three kids under five. I forgot how seldom your hands are free with a newborn too. Partly it's my fault for not wanting to put him down.

The boys LOVE him! I'm so proud of them for not being jealous and for how much they care about him.

I'm working again, and that gives me just enough of a break to remember being an adult. It gives Guy nice time alone with the kids too. And I'm trying to do yoga every evening to keep my back from hurting. Holding him has my upper back so sore! The kid's a chunk already!

I'll try to post more often now. If only I could type with one hand.

1 comment:

Coffee Lover said...

Precious photos! It's completely understandable why you've been busy! :) Glad to get an update and know everyone is good and see photos.