Sunday, July 6, 2008

Add this to the "Lessons Learned"

After two long days, Guy got the prep work done for our shower. We were looking at the finished hardibacker when it hit us (well, Guy anyway) that we had forgotten to build in the inset shelf! We had talked about it, but we both forgot!

We have no choice but to cut one out and frame the shelf in. Ugggh. Hopefully I'll still get to tile today. Once the week begins, we just don't have much time to work.


Coffee Lover said...

Wow! You guys are really brave tackling all of those big projects!

Coffee Lover said...

Also....let me know how hard tiling it yourself is....I wonder if that would be something Mark and I would want to tackle in a house.

Johnna said...

Well, it's hard. But mostly the prep work was hard, and my husband did that part. I think we picked a difficult task too. It takes extra work to make the tub and shower area water proof.

The tiling part is not so bad. Mostly messy, and the planning stage is intimidating.