Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm back online!

Man, I've really missed having access to my computer! I got a new desk this week for an area near my kitchen, so I could finally move the computer out of the baby's room. My cousins were in town, and they helped me get the computer hooked up after my husband and I assembled the desk. Not surprisingly, given my inablilty to plan, my cousin found that we had no phone connection near the new desk! Ahhhh! During the middle of our "What do we do now?!" conversation, my hubby casually suggested he run a phone wire to the new location. Why, my dear, I think that just may work! So, today he got my phone jack in, and I am up and running! (thank you, sweetie)

As an answer to a question I got today about the house. Nothing is happening. We had an open house which drew two lookers, and I think that is great. Also, a man dropped in last week and asked about the house. My agent said he called her and she's worked with him in the recent past. He currently has a very low offer on a house in a nice up and coming neighborhood that is heading for forclosure. She doesn't expect it to work out. So, maybe we'll hear from him again. I'm okay today though. I have my moments... I think the winter will be fine because I like this house during the winter. It's the spring and summer when I get the big itch to move on. I want a super energy efficient home and access to a pool in the summer. Plus the winter just goes by so quickly. I'm optimistic that the spring will bring in a new, refreshed group of buyers, and the economy will begin to recover.

In the meantime, I need to go begin to prepare for a big multi-family yard sale some of my friends and I are having next weekend. I'm trying to talk them into having mimosa's like my friend did at her recent yard sale. Fun!

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House Obsession said...

Mimosas are definitely the way to make a yard sale more enjoyable!!