Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Day

123, ABC wooden Aligator Puzzle from Thousand Villages

Wooden school bus and 16 passengers from Thousand Villages.

Wooden Kitchen from KidsKraft.

After last year's Christmas and Boo's recent birthday in November, I was determined not to have another plastic explosion and battery fest in the house. In fact, we wanted to keep the whole thing pretty simple and relaxed. I made a wish list on Amazon for the grandmas consisting of only wooden toys. We didn't go overboard, and we were so proud to get only wooden toys and nothing requiring batteries. Well, okay, I put two small Tonka trucks in each stocking, and they were plastic. At first, I think Coo was disappointed, but he quickly got really into playing with the kitchen and decided all was well afterall.
Another change we made is that we started hosting Christmas dinner last year. I remember not wanting to leave my new toys on Christmas day and go to grandmas. So, now that we have children, we decided that they should spend the whole day at their house. My parents and my niece have come to our house for two years in a row, and we love this new tradition. I always make eggnog (spiked, of course!) and homemade chocolate truffles. This year I made beef wellington, mashed potatoes, asparagus, bread and cheesecake. Before eating, we went around saying what we are thankful for. Coo says he's thankful for the baby in my belly. We all decided we were most thankful for our family. Except my dad who said, "well, I'm fat, ugly, old and poor, so I guess I'm thankful to be alive."
Merry Christmas and farewell to 2007


Coffee Lover said...

I think it's so cool that we have the same first name, and it's not that common! Except you have one more n than I do.

I saw you comment on Kerflop right under me and I thought I had done something to mess up. Then I realized that it was a different person, with my same name!

I'll add you to my blogroll. My site is but I have to send you an invitation to it.

Nice to meet you!


Johnna said...

I saw your name there too, and I wondered if you pronounce it the same. I've only met one other. Are you named after your dad too?

I am also a registered nurse, though I didn't continue on like I wanted to. I keep thinking that maybe one day I'll get to go back. Please do send me an invitation to your site.

Leah said...

Christmas at your house sounds pretty awesome. I think it's really cool that you went no batteries and no plastic!! And your dad's comment cracks me up!! Haha.