Sunday, December 23, 2007

Laundry Room Makeover

We finished the laundry room makeover yesterday! Before, our laundry room was a place I didn't enjoy to be. The walls were builder's beige and so dingy. There wasn't enough storage or anywhere to hang clothes to dry. I don't have a picture, but we installed a cute, small armoir that fits behind the door. It perfectly holds a hamper for towels and has shelves for other things. We also got a cute wall cabinet with three cubbies and a rod. I saw the same one at Pottery Barn for $149 on sale, but I got it at Home Depot for $79. My husband hung crown moulding, and I got it all painted yesterday. I tried that Sherwin Williams paint that is no VOC (harmony), and I really love how easy it was to paint with. I've always liked Behr the best, but I wanted to try this "greener" option. The downside is that it is $42/gallon instead of Behr's $25.

Anyway, last night I stood in there for hours listening to the dryer. It's my new favorite room!


Coffee Lover said...

I love the paint color you chose. We are still in a lease, renting here since we moved to D.C. this year. I can't wait to get another house and start home projects. I LOVED that part of owning a house. :)

Johnna said...

We love that too. I guess it's our main hobby. We take turns watching the kids so the other can work on the house or yard pretty much every weekend. It's weird how you never get done!