Sunday, May 4, 2008

Pretty Flowers

We worked in the yard all day today. We have to take turns; one of us works, and the other holds the baby and watches the kids. We weeded, planted petunias and geraniums, and I completely cleaned out my poor, neglected rose garden. There were so many weeds growing through the landscape fabric (hate that stuff) that I ripped it out. We moved the old mulch elsewhere and replaced it with fresh mulch. I was late in pruning the roses, so I got to bring in some beautiful flowers that had already begun to bloom.

These are Royal Wedding and Pure Perfume from Jackson and Perkins, and they smell so heavenly.

These roses are also from J&P, but they are amazing! They don't smell, but they aren't bothered by disease or pests AT ALL!! They bloom from May until it freezes, and they are shaped beautifully. So much better than the common Knock-Out Rose that is planted in practically every yard I see. I think these were called Baby's Blanket. I'm planning to put them everywhere in the new place. Along with Lavender. Yummmm....


Anonymous said...

that royal perfume rose is beyond stunning!

Port Orchard flowers

Coffee Lover said...

YOur roses are absolutely gorgeous! I get the J&P magazine and wondered how well their flowers actually did.....seems this is proof that it's better than the average roses bought!

Johnna said...

They are the only one's I have grown, so I can't compare. I will say that the roses that smell so good are a lot of maintenance. They were supposed to be disease and pest resistent, and I haven't seen that to be true. They look pretty ragged by the end of summer because I don't have the time to devote to them right now. So, know you are looking at lots of maintenance before you buy them. But having them to cut and bring inside is worth it!