Friday, August 8, 2008

Coocoo Started Kindergarten

I can't believe our little Coocoo started kindergarten this week. He did really well, and the teacher said he was very sweet and a little bit shy. When he finally decided to talk about it, he said, "momma, can you believe it was my first day of kindergarten and I already made a new best friend?" That made me sooo happy! Booboo really missed him and cried when we had to walk out the first morning.

I have mixed emotions about it. It nice to have a quiet house in the mornings. On the other hand, I miss him. Booboo misses him. When he gets home, they run downstairs and play until dinner time. They really bonded over the summer, which was my number one goal this year. On the first morning, he kissed me and dad and the baby, but Booboo's the only one he looked up from his drawing for and really hugged.

Now Booboo asks for his school everyday. He'll go to a church program for 3 mornings a week this year, but it doesn't start for another month. I think he'd be just fine if I left him at the big school every day with his brother.

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Coffee Lover said...

I bet that would be pretty hard for your younger son to watch his best friend go off to something new and separated from him. I bet it will be so exciting when he gets to go to his own school at the church soon!