Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Little Bastards Got Me

I'm up at 4AM because I can't stop itching! The other night, I got around 29 mosquito bites on my legs (yes, I counted), and they are driving me CRAZY. I'll never go outside at dusk again. Tiki has a cold and can't sleep well, so we are a sad pair.

I haven't been able to post much because we finally started putting Tiki to sleep in a crib. Since we only have three bedrooms on the main level, his crib is in our office, so I wake him up when I come in here making noise. Right now, he's in my bed where I should be if I could stop the damn itching!


Coffee Lover said...

I am also such a magnet for mosquito bites. And the bad thing is that I tend to scar if I scratch them too much. Do you do that too?

Johnna said...

I've not noticed scarring, but I sure do want to cut them off right now! I bet that would scar.