Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Resolving to take care of myself

This is a horrible picture of my face,
but I had to show off the yoga pose.
I'm finally strong enough to do it again
after the last baby.

You know, we got the new treadmill for Christmas. Well, it has been one of our best purchases. We are both on it almost every day! I feel so much better. I had really missed exercising since I had to quit aerobics. Now I just turn on the baby monitor, and I get at least 30 minutes of alone time. I miss the company of the other women, but I really do enjoy alone time, so it all works out. I've noticed that once I do my 30 minute program, I'm really inspired to do weights and yoga since I'm already down there and warmed up. So now, I'm finally using the bowflex we bought 2 years ago, which we rarely touched. Mostly, though, I just need the big ball and a pair of 10 pound weights.

So far, we've done it separately, but I want G and me to work out a way to do it together sometimes too. I have noticed that the kids respond so well to exercise being part of

our daily lives, and that is so healthy for them. I hate to say I resolve to keep it up all year, but I do need to remind myself that I deserve to carve out time for taking care of myself and my health. Every mom needs that.

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Our Life As We Live It said...

WHOA!! That looks extremely hard. I am quite impressed!