Saturday, February 21, 2009

we're gonna buy your house. Sike!

I'm gonna finally try to tell this story, but I have been avoiding it. Avoiding thinking about it. We finally got an offer on the house. For $79,ooo less than asking. We countered, they countered. They wanted to close in 9 DAYS because they had locked in an amazing (4.27??) rate and only had it for 60 days. They hadn't yet sold their house, and weren't interested in moving until school was out so they wouldn't have to move their kids during school. We finally agreed on a price, with us and our agent bending over backwards. We were taking a huge hit, and she reduced her commission. They came for a second visit and looked forever. They couldn't get the appraisal back in time to get their rate, but they were still in love with the house and wanted it. They had to know what an amazing deal they were getting.
Then..... They sent word that they had "decided not to decide."


So, I guess we're back to square one. I can't say I blame them. Once they lost the rate, there was no reason to rush things. They really should sell their house first. And they don't want to move yet anyway. But, I sure wish they hadn't yanked us around.

That's my story. I tried to write it all week, but I was too depressed to sit and go through it all in my mind again.

I feel trapped and helpless. My house has been for sale almost two years.


Our Life As We Live It said...

That totally sucks! Wow. I had wondered what was going on as I noticed you hadn't written anything lately. That was a killer rate they got too. So sorry to hear it turned out that way.

BTW: I LOVE that you are also a child of the 80s in that you used "Sike"!! LOL!!

Leah said...