Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to my oldest son

S turned 6 today. Of course, I can't believe how fast he's growing up. Then again, I can't really remember life before him. He came into this world and began to heal our hearts from the terrible loss of his brother the year before. He was our largest baby, at 9lbs 12 oz, yet his was the easiest and funnest birth. I remember when my husband put him on my chest after he was weighed and cleaned up. We just sat there holding him and each other and cried and cried.

As most first time parents do, and even worse because we were recovering from loosing Silas, we doted on him terribly. He nursed whenever he wanted, which was all the time. He slept whenever and where ever he wanted. He learned quickly that he could control the house with his moods. He's still slowly learning that it won't work that way forever. He's so emotional, like his mother. In fact, he is like me in most ways. It's so weird to see your own little quirks show up in another person. Makes you in awe of genetics. Unlike me, he is smart. Really smart. And he has a wonderful memory. Also unlike me.

Although he's one of the youngest in his class, he is probably the tallest. When we go somewhere, I can usually count on him helping me take care of the baby or hold my door, etc. Unless, of course, he isn't in the mood. There are plenty of those days too.
We are so proud of him. On his birthday, and on every other day too.

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