Monday, April 20, 2009

Visit from Grandpa

S and N having cuddle time.

I love this special picture of Grandpa reaching
back in the car to hold Tiki's hand.

N and his Grandpa.

My husband's dad visited this week, and he just left today. I'm always so sad when family leaves. It's tough to have grandparents who live across the country. The boys all enjoyed Grandpa, but N especially got attached quickly and fiercely. We went to six flags Saturday, and he only had eyes from Grandpa. I'm glad, and I know it made him feel good. We only get to see him once a year because we rarely get to pack everyone up for the trip to California.

Six Flags was a blast. Our boys are fearless. It was S's treat for his 6th birthday, so he got to take a friend.

S, N and their buddy.

S's friend, S and me on the wheelie. So fun!

S, friend and my husband on the train.

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