Monday, February 4, 2008

Repeat Showing?

Our agent called another agent who had shown one of her other listings to tell her about my house, and the agent scheduled to bring her clients on Wednesday. This is why my agent has such a great reputation, she makes an effort to get your house shown. Her references says she is always out there working for you and she gives you feedback after each showing.

That is the good news. Here's the weird part.. I had a feeling it was the same couple who viewed my home on Thursday when it was still "by owner". So, I told my agent to check because they may not want to see it again, and frankly I didn't want to clean it for nothing. Well, I was right. But their agent wanted to show it to them again anyway. If you remember, mine was the first house they had looked at in this town. Since then, they have been viewing houses with their agent, and she said they had "mentioned" my house to her. I don't know what that means. And she said she wanted to see it anyway. So, I have to do all that work getting it clean and stay out of the house for two hours. Two hours that include nap time for myself and my two year old. It'd better be worth it! If she pulls up in the driveway and they say, "Oh, we don't want to see that house again," I'll die!

Also exciting is that my agent has scheduled an Agent's Tour for next Tuesday. That and a listing in the MLS are the two main tools I didn't have access to while I was "by owner". I'm so optimistic that the exposure will help us.

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Coffee Lover said...

That is really weird...the same couple?? Yeah, I'll be interested to know if they take another tour. Interesting.