Friday, February 29, 2008


I don't know what I would do without my mom and girlfriends. This week, my mom has helped every day with my kids while I've been trying to do very little activity to keep the baby in. And my girlfriends call every day and offer to help. Today I have a showing at 3pm. My mom is here right now cleaning, and I've never paid a house cleaner who's been as thorough. My two best girlfriends called within 10 minutes of each other offering to keep the kids during the showing. It makes me almost tearful. I think I have a personality flaw of not accepting help well. My mom said today that this has been nice for her because she usually doesn't even bother to try to help me. I hope I'm not a control freak. I'm starting to wonder. When is the last time I've called a friend and offered to keep her kids?

I am so close to being able to stop worring about when I have the baby. I have been wanting this day to pass for 8 long months! I really put myself in a bad position by getting pregnant when I did and only allowing myself the four day window for my insurance. At midnight tonight I will be homefree!!! Then I'm gonna be stressed trying to get the baby OUT!


Leah said...

Awww...this makes me wish that I was there to help out. I hate it that I never get to see you. So frustrating. But I AM happy that you're almost home free. Wouldn't it be amazing if you went into labor at like 10am tomorrow?! :-)

Johnna said...

I know. I do wish it were easier to see each other. But that would mean you'd move back here, and I don't think you'd be very happy with that! I really do hope I go into labor in the morning. It's gonna be so funny because I bet I'll be late after all this time worrying about being early!

Coffee Lover said...

Wow! That is really awesome that you have such wonderful friends.

I have been keeping you in my thoughts that you will hold on till it's okay for him to come out.

Already looking forward to seeing pics of the new little fellow! :)