Thursday, February 14, 2008

Disappointing, Lonely Valentines

Today has been very disappointing. The man who "liked my house the best" was supposed to bring his wife today. My agent called his yesterday to confirm, and she never heard back from her. So I don't know if it is postponed or just not happening. On the bright side, I do have a showing tomorrow at 3pm. Also, my husband is attending a seminar about an hour away today, tomorrow and Saturday, so he won't be home until 8pm or so each night. At least he is able to come home, I guess. But the kids may not see him at all. They go to bed at 7:30pm.

I have been so tired today too. I feel like I'm fighting a chest cold so I really hope it is that and not a sign of impending labor! I really need to make it two more weeks so my maternity insurance will kick in. So, I wandered around the house today tired, cranky and lonely. I thought I was supposed to drive to Atlanta tonight and meet my hubby for dinner (which we have NEVER done since we had kids), but even that fell through. Luckily, I talked my mom into going out with me and the kids for Valentine's dinner. She rarely will leave at night, so that was a nice treat. Although, CooCoo was in a mood and was pretty annoying. I think I've pretty much just been annoyed all day.

Wow, I'm a real downer tonight, huh?


Coffee Lover said...

That really stinks about the realtor not calling back. Hmm....hope your water doesn't break with coughing!! My neighbor did that a few years ago.
Glad you did get to at least get out to eat! :)

Coffee Lover said...

Haven't heard from you.....just wondering if you're okay? :)

Johnna said...

Yes, I'm still here. Sorry, I will try to make time to post later today. I just haven't had much to report, really.
Thanks for checking.