Thursday, February 21, 2008

Still here..

I have a semi-quiet moment because I put on a video for the kids and fed them a snack. I haven't updated in awhile because there isn't anything going on. I made it through the weekend, which was a real challenge. Guy was in a seminar for three long days, and CooCoo had no school for 4 days. Plus, I had a terrible cold. It was rough! My mom helped a lot, and that's the only reason I survived!

I feel better now, and the pregnancy is still going fine. I only have to make it 8 more days, so I'm keeping my fingers (and my legs) crossed. He still moves around quite a bit. I did manage to finally get his clothes out of the attic, washed and put away. Poor thing doesn't have a room or closet, so I built a dresser from Home Depot to hold his things until we can sell our house. I got packed for the hospital yesterday, so my "to do" list is finally done.

As for the house, we haven't had a showing since last Friday. The man who liked it was out of town until this past Tuesday, but my agent still hasn't heard back from his. So, either he's just not in a hurry or he isn't that serious about the house afterall. We'll have a big Agent's Tour next Tuesday as long as nothing unexpected happens with the pregnancy before then.

So, I guess things are pretty dull around here right now. Just waiting and waiting, and I don't know when either of the things I'm anticipating will happen. It's not fun anticipating two major events at one time! I wish I had the patience and good nature of my husband. Actually, I just wish I had my husband around more right now because I'm tending to feel lonely. Everyday I'm just holding on until he gets home at 5:30. Only one hour and 15 minutes left today!


Leah said...

I'm in house limbo land at the moment. My house needs lots of work and we're arguing (ahem, negotiating) on how much money I'll get from them.

Coffee Lover said...

Good to know you're still hanging in there! :)

I have to update my blog tonight or tomorrow. I have had company in addition to being a tad bit unmotivated.

Coffee Lover said...

Still hanging in there? :)