Saturday, February 2, 2008


Well, there it is. My agent's sign.

I feel a big weight lifted off my shoulders. I only signed a three month contract, so it doesn't seem like a big deal to me, really. She is really a shark, and she is our neighborhood specialist. She gets all the big out of town clients. She's aggressive but still really nice. She'll hold an agent's open house in two weeks, and that's a tremendous tool I could never utilize. So, I think it's worth it. Sure it's a lot of money (like $30,000), but she's a professional. It would be worth it considering I wasn't able to sell without her. Of course, the real test is yet to come. I'm so optimistic I'll have more traffic, but my friend listed with a different agent last summer and has only had 4 couples through her house. Still, I feel great and excited!

Guy, on the other hand, is a different story. The man can't stand to hire anyone to do anything for us. We sold our last home by owner. We do our own lawn work, I paint, he does home upkeep, and we are both self employed. We even give birth by ourselves, for the most part. We use the hospital room, but he and I do all the work. No drugs, and he does everything it takes to help me. Except catch the baby, anyway. When we pulled into the driveway last night, he covered his eyes so he wouldn't see that "hideous sign." Mostly, it's just his very dry sense of humor, but I know there is some truth to it. He said I quit on him. I told him he was right!! I do feel like, deep down, he is curious if this will help us too.

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