Thursday, June 5, 2008


I saw that Obama won the Democratic nod, and I'm happy for him. Even though I know little about politics, I've read many times that he is a good choice. I can't say that I have any devotion to a party; I tend to vote according to the person's views and history. I live in the south, where I was born, and most everyone I know is Republican. That's why I was so shocked when my dad said yesterday that he felt Obama is the best choice of the people running. It made me want to learn more about him. Still, I don't think I paid attention to the history being made until I saw this post.

Now, I feel so emotional and hopeful. Hopeful for change, yes, but also so proud for our country. It hadn't occured to me that my children will read about this in their history books. I need to save the paper and put it in my most recent baby book. The last time I did that was the morning after 9/11. How I pray that this man will figure out how to correct all the wrong decisions made in the time that span between the two events.


Only Partially Insane said...

He's a very inspiring man. And I'm shocked that your dad wants to vote for him! Like you, almost everyone I know in GA is a Republican.

TWB said...

Thank You!