Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Project

Since the housing market is going nowhere, we've decided to start another project. And just like every simple project, it is ballooning on us. I feel like it will make our house much more desirable, though, so it's worth it. Our master bath was all white and pretty standard.

I've painted the cabinets a very dark brown. Think Java.

We are having granite installed next Wed. That's where the price got a little out of hand. It went from something around $56 a square foot to a number I don't want to think about. Anyway, here's the sample.

Of course, I realized today that I will have to have the mirror removed to accommodate for the granite back splash. So we are having that done this week. They will cut the mirror down to two smaller rectangles on site, so we are avoiding putting any materials in the dump. Yay us!

We are having a strip of granite cut for the area between the tub and shower, and my ambition is to tile the shower and we'll install that granite strip ourselves. That means we have to remove the enclosure. And that means, the enclosure probably will not fit back in. We've decided to think about that later. Oh yeah, since we are taking the mirror down, I'm pretty sure I'll have to paint the whole room. Unfortunately, the room has about 15 foot ceilings! hehe. See what I mean about a simple project becoming not-so-simple?

In the end, I hope we're left with a kick ass bathroom and the next buyer through just has to buy our house!

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Coffee Lover said...

Gorgeous!! Can't wait to see what it looks like with the new granite.