Friday, June 27, 2008

This will be funny someday

My husband installed the faucets on the new sinks today and hooked up the plumbing. We reused the old faucets, so he had to put them back together. He knows just enough about plumbing to be dangerous, I guess. He was having trouble with one of the faucets dripping, so he took off the handle to tighten something. Not thinking to turn the water off, he created pressure and the little piece (not sure about the technical names) shot off, hit and broke the light bulb and sprayed water and glass everywhere! I made him smile for the picture promising that we would look back on it and laugh.
The good news is that we seem to have gotten all the glass cleaned up, and the faucet worked perfectly once he got it put back together. I wonder if he's laughing yet?

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Coffee Lover said...

Poor fellow!! Yeah, I'd love to know how long it takes him to laugh! :)