Friday, January 25, 2008

big boy bed

It is so hard to convince a child to sleep in a big boy bed. Today I decided to try it again at nap time. I am listening to him scream and talk to himself still after about 30 mins. He's used to sleeping in that bed because I've slept in it with him off and on his whole life. He even thinks it's funny at first. Then he wants back in his crib. But the crib rail is at his lower ribs by now, and it is time to move on! It's also time to potty train, but I'm taking one step at a time. Hmm, he's quiet. I should go check... Nope, I hear him playing with his shape sorter.

Having a two year old when you're expecting a baby brings about such an urgency to get the two year old more independent. It's a little sad to rush them out of baby-hood. But I think without that pressure, it's also too easy to prolong baby-hood a little too long. Still, I've been thinking about spacing the next one closer to 3 years. Of course, I said that last time. I get major baby fever when those fat cheeks start slimming up.

Okay, I'm going to put him in his crib and wave my white flag. Again.

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