Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I did my agent interviews this morning. It took so much longer than I expected. The first was 1 hour and the second was 1.5 hours. I ended up having to ask my girlfriend to pick up my 2 year old from pre-school, and he went home with her for lunch.
The interviews went well, and my problem is that I really like them both. I'm going to have to be very objective and base the decision on ability. Only they both are really experienced and well connected. The one that seems to specialize in my neighborhood is who I'm leaning toward, but my husband prefers the other one. But he's leaving the whole thing up to me and wants me to deal with it by myself. He is way too much of a "do-it-yourselfer" to consider ever hiring an agent. I am supposed to hear back from them both with some answers to my large list of questions and my CMA (comparative market analysis), and then I will try to decide. In the meantime, another agent/builder called and asked to come by Friday. He pretended not to know, but he apparently drove by and saw the other agents cars. Such a competitive business!


Coffee Lover said...

Wow! Those WERE long interviews! I wonder if either of them are making quicker sales than the other. Tough comparison work to do!

Lee_ahh said...

I have no words. Except "Please someone come buy my house!"

I can only commiserate.