Monday, January 21, 2008

Whine, whine, whine

I am so dead tired. I wish I could just sleep these last 6 weeks of my pregnancy. We have been working so hard to get this house ready for the spring market, plus my usual nesting projects. I keep asking my husband why all my painting projects always fall into the 8th or 9th month of a pregnancy. He says it's the only time he can get any real work out of me! Hmmm, maybe so, but I'm still gonna whine about it. We are finishing up our last big project, but I can't seem to get done painting it! We got the walls done this weekend, and I've already done two coats on the new panel moulding. But, the white just isn't covering well. So it looks like I'll be painting again tonight when my husband gets home. Then I'm never picking up a paint brush again! Until next time, anyway...

In other news, we've decided to go ahead and start interviewing agents soon. We've been For Sale By Owner for about 10 months, and it doesn't seem like it's gonna work this time. After this project and after Guy cleans out the garage and basement storage room a little, I'm gonna start interviewing. One agent has almost every house in my neighborhood listed. So, why would she care which one she sells? On the other hand, she's the expert around here. There are two more top agents we like, but I feel it would be a risk not to list with the one that has all the other business. She gets a large percentage of the big spending buyers too, so that is important to think about. In the meantime, I've been gathering all the information to create my own list of comparables, both sold and for sale, so I can go into the interviews with some idea of the current market. Pricing is so tricky. I want to price to sell!! As long as we can cover our expenses, that's all I ask.

More to come on that soon, and I'll post pictures of the office once I finally finish that damn paint!

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