Tuesday, January 15, 2008


We have all been sick with a cold and terrible cough all week. I can't believe how many colds we get now that we have school age children. My husband suggested we get rid of them, but we decided we'd just deal. In the meantime, we finished our latest house project. Well, almost finished. Once I get the final coat of paint on, I'll post pictures. We had talked about doing one more, but my husband told me Sunday night that he doesn't think I have it in me. I was pretty relieved. With 7 weeks to go in the pregnancy, he is right. So, after this we will focus on getting the garage and basement storage room cleaned out and organized. Then I'm gonna start having open houses and try to get this place sold!

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Coffee Lover said...

Wow, hope you all get to feeling better soon. I agree with your husband that you probably will need a break since you're due soon! I'll cross my fingers you guys sell the house without any problems! :)