Monday, January 7, 2008

Emotions Gone Wild

I was just trying to rush to get my marinara sauce started for tonight's lasagna, and the kids were playing. Coo had put on his cowboy costume, so it usually follows that Boo wants to wear his too. I felt something tap me on the leg, and I looked down to see Boo holding his cowboy vest for me to help him put on. He had the sweetest smile on his face. Without warning, I found myself crying as I helped him into his outfit. It hit me so hard that they are not gonna be little boys very long. It's so easy to get caught up in daily living and concentrate on how hard it is to, say, chop vegetables with two young boys underfoot. Or worse, fighting in the next room. But in that moment, I felt how fleeting it is and knew how lonely I'd be when I'm cooking supper for only my husband and me.
Maybe it's the pregnancy hormones, but the moment hit me hard and unexpected.

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Coffee Lover said...

Yeah, aren't those hormones flying around great!! :) Plus, it's January! I just posted on how I get these January blues. ugh.