Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bye Bye Years of Clutter

It feels so good to clean out clutter you've been meaning to get to for years!!! There is nothing more therapeutic. After we finished the basement two years ago, we never cleaned out the one room we left unfinished for storage. Or the garage, that's been getting worse and worse during all these other projects. (Guy's getting a real work room in the next house.) Saturday we cleaned out the garage, but I don't have a picture of that yet. Guy's out there vacuuming it right now with the wet vac. I'll try to post that tomorrow. But here's the basement storage room that we tackled today...

And After!!!

We were embarrassed by some of the stuff we found down there. You wouldn't believe the number of old cardboard boxes. I think I totaled 5 trips to the recycling center counting both projects. The real challenge was recycling as much as we could instead of giving into the easier temptation of just throwing it all in the dump. The one thing we couldn't recycle was all the wood scraps from the moulding and trim projects. The man at the center said he didn't know of any where to do that. That's gonna present a challenge for me when we do finally get to build because it is important to me to recycle as much building material as possible. I'm gonna look to see if I can find any companies in Atlanta who do it. But how much would that cost?

Anyway, I can't express how good it feels to have these room cleaned out! It's like I can breathe easier. And now I feel ready to invite realtors in and interview them. Hmm, typing that made me realize I don't. I have to clean the house! Finally touch up this wall paint in the office! Organize all my drawers! Clean my bedroom carpet! Does it ever end?????


Leah said...

I went to the Philly home show today, and never ends. I could re-finish my basement. Add central air. The list goes on and on and on.

Maybe if I never end up selling my house I'll end up doing all that stuff. Hehe.

Coffee Lover said...

Wow!! It looks great! I organized the stuff in our basement, but really, it pretty much just involved shoving boxes a little tighter in the corners, haha!!

Great job!