Saturday, January 5, 2008

Purging and Reducing

In one of the blogs I read, the mom is making some big changes. Bigger than I'm willing to commit to right now, but I do feel like what she's doing is good in many ways. She is taking a year off from shopping for things they simply want and do not need. But her most recent post was about purging her home of the things they don't need and aren't using. Getting rid of the excess. It was funny because the day I read it, I had gone through the toys on our upper level and done the same thing. We actually try to do that regularly, but I had not done the toys in a long time. I put about 26 stuffed animals in a laundry basket, and I couldn't make myself put them in my car to donate. I just knew my 4.5 year old would terribly miss something. After debating whether to involve him or not, my husband and I decided to ask him about it. I was so shocked at his response. He immediately got into it and made two piles. One to keep and one to give to another kid who may enjoy it more. I think he only ended up keeping 9 for himself. And he informed me that two of them belonged to his brother, and we needed to ask him about those. Now, of the 9, I'm gonna have him choose some of them to keep at his grandma's house, but I'm still so proud that he was willing to give any of them away. I even think he was kinda into it and excited about making another baby happy. We were both so proud of him. Now I just need to get motivated to tackle the attic like the other blogger is doing. Maybe if we ever sell the house, we will do it out of necessity!


Leah said...

OMG I love cleaning, organizing and throwing stuff out more than anything!!!!!!! I should come to your house and HELP!!

Johnna said...

Yes, it really is a stress reducer! It's much harder to throw away the kid's things than my own. But that's why my mom has rooms full of junk that belonged to me. I have had to clean some of it out for her, and then she regretted letting me. hehe.